Manga as literature: The Poe Clan Volume 1

Story and art by Moto Hagio Published by Fantagraphics Books (2019) Length: 2 Volumes When reading manga, rarely do you find a title with writing resembling literature. The marriage between art and narrative requires a harmonious balance, which is often strained with the inclusion of dense, sophisticated passages. Moto Hagio’s The Poe Clan attempts to … Continue reading Manga as literature: The Poe Clan Volume 1

Deep Breaths Review

Story and art by Chris Gooch  Published by Top Shelf Productions Length: 215 Pages There is so much value to be found in mundanity. Within these quieter moments of living, the most profound introspection can occur, guided by pervading feelings of frustration, contentedness, or indifference. Chris Gooch’s Deep Breaths gives us an opportunity to relive these instances, but … Continue reading Deep Breaths Review

Spinning Review

Story and art by Tillie Walden  Originally published by First Second   Length: 1 Volume (400 Pages) Spinning presents a captivating look into the turbulent life of author (then teenager) Tillie Walden, whose childhood revolves around the competitive figure skating scene. It explores the process of a passion slowly fading, acting as a lens to … Continue reading Spinning Review

Pokemon: The Implications of Fading out a National Dex

In this year’s E3 Nintendo Treehouse, Pokemon producer Junichi Masuda revealed a controversial feature of the upcoming Sword and Shield games; that is, not all of the previous Pokemon will be brought over to the new games. While a lot of speculation has surfaced from this statement, particularly about the possibility that some Pokemon will … Continue reading Pokemon: The Implications of Fading out a National Dex

Lulu Anew: Tell my family Adieu? (Review)

Story and art by Étienne Davodeau Publisher: NBM Publishing (2012) Length: 158 Pages Much like Disappearance Diary, Lulu Anew promises a deeply introspective experience, one that explores the soul-sucking mundanity of domestic life, and the mindset one must possess to drop it all. Unfortunately, that insight is never truly given. While I commend the piece … Continue reading Lulu Anew: Tell my family Adieu? (Review)