Review: When One Person Dies The Whole World Is Over

Story and art by Mandy Ord Published by BrowBooks (2019) Length: 1 Volume In terms of popularity, vloggers, and the depiction of modern living, has become the most popular form of content consumed on the internet. These figures, often referred to as social media influencers, are able to simultaneously emit authenticity, while providing an idealised … Continue reading Review: When One Person Dies The Whole World Is Over

Ryuko: Hard Crime

Story and art by Eldo Yoshimizu Published by Titan Comics (2019) Length: 2 Volumes Even the term “frenzy” wouldn’t suffice in describing the turbulence of Eldo Yoshimizu’s Ryuko. The first manga in Titan Comics’ “Hard Crime Series”, Yoshimizu’s tale of tragedy, betrayal and redemption is filled to the brim with abstract motion and unnerving violence. … Continue reading Ryuko: Hard Crime

Australiana in Comics: Deep Breaths

Story and art by Chris Gooch  Published by Top Shelf Productions Length: 215 Pages There is so much value to be found in mundanity. Within these quieter moments of living, the most profound introspection can occur, guided by pervading feelings of frustration, contentedness, or indifference. Chris Gooch’s Deep Breaths gives us an opportunity to relive these instances, but … Continue reading Australiana in Comics: Deep Breaths

Spinning Review

Story and art by Tillie Walden  Originally published by First Second   Length: 1 Volume (400 Pages) Spinning presents a captivating look into the turbulent life of author (and then teenager) Tillie Walden, whose childhood revolves around the competitive figure skating scene. It explores the process of a passion slowly fading, acting as a lens … Continue reading Spinning Review

Pokemon: The Implications of Fading out a National Dex

In this year’s E3 Nintendo Treehouse, Pokemon director Junichi Masuda announced one of Pokemon's most divisive feature in the upcoming Sword and Shield games; that is, not all of the previous Pokemon will be present within this new generation. While a lot of speculation has surfaced regarding this statement, with some fearing certain Pokemon may … Continue reading Pokemon: The Implications of Fading out a National Dex