Dark Water Review

Dark Water (Honogurai Mizu no Soko Kara) Original story by Koji Suzuki, art and adaptation by Meimu Original Publication: Kadokawa Shoten (2002) Length: One volume (5 Chapters) We have now entered October, AKA the month of spooks. And what better way to celebrate the halloween month than by discussing a completely underwhelming horror manga that really shouldn’t exist. Dark Water is an adaptation of Koji … Continue reading Dark Water Review

Mail Review

Mail Story and art: Housui Yamazaki Originally publisher: Kadokawa Shoten (1999) Length: 3 volumes (18 chapters) Mail is scary. There’s no doubt about it. I experienced genuine fear when I was reading it. If that was the only criteria for a horror manga, Mail would get full marks. But unfortunately, this episodic horror series dipped in quality very early on, seemingly forgetting what made it … Continue reading Mail Review

PositioN | A Future soaked in the Past

PositioN Story and art by Hitoshi Ashinano Originally published: Kodansha (1999) Length: 1 Volume (7 chapters) This is going to be a really short review for a really short piece. I don’t have too much to say about PostioN, but it had some interesting qualities that I thought were worth discussing nonetheless. PostioN has an unorthodox blend of art and writing. That is, great art … Continue reading PositioN | A Future soaked in the Past

Alive! Review

Alive! Story and Art by: Tsutomu Takahashi Original Publisher: Shueisha (1999) Length: 1 Volume (10 Chapters) Recently I’ve been on a one-shot binge. I’ve been obsessed with finding short manga series and assessing the best qualities that come from their length, and whether many series find themselves using similar structural templates. If I hadn’t read so many of short manga, I may not have been … Continue reading Alive! Review

Blue Heaven Review

Blue Heaven Story and Art by Tsutomu Takahashi Original Publisher: Shueisha (2002) Length: 3 Volumes Blue Heaven was, at times, an engaging manga that I kept me connected throughout my read. Its ability to combine unrelated themes in way that was succinct and flowing was very impressive, and made it hard to predict what was going to happen next. However, what is considered to be … Continue reading Blue Heaven Review

Believers Review

Believers Story and Art by: Naomi Yamamoto Original Publisher: Shogakukan (1999) Length: 2 Volumes (22 Chapters) Monsters, when used effectively, can be scary. Spirits, when used effectively, can be scary. Terrifying even. But what will always cement itself as the most frightening thing to exist in my opinion are cults. When you first hear about cults, they seem ridiculous. Who could be silly enough to … Continue reading Believers Review

Portus Review

Portus Story and Art by Jun Abe Originally Published by Shogakukan (2006, 1 volume) Synopsis: Portus follows the 17-year-old high school student Asami Kawakami, who’s friend, Chiharu, has, effectively, disappeared. She no longer answers her phone calls, or even comes to school. She has become obsessed with Portus, an old video game she found under mysterious circumstances. There is an urban legend that a secret … Continue reading Portus Review

Welcome to the NHK Review

Welcome to the NHK Story by Tatsuhiko Takimoto and art by Kenji Ooiwa Published in English by Viz (8 volumes, 2007) Summary: This manga follows the drug riddled journey of Sato Tatsuhiro, a deluded hikikomori (an extreme recluse) who believes the NHK (a Japanese broadcasting network) uses its platform to brainwash him into living his toxic lifestyle. After meeting Sato one day outside his apartment, … Continue reading Welcome to the NHK Review

Mermaid Saga Review

Mermaid Saga (Ningyo no Mori) Story and art by Rumiko Takahashi Originally published by Shogakukan (3 volumes, 1984) Synopsis: The story centres around Yuta and Mana, humans who have been granted eternal life by eating the flesh of a mermaid. We watch as they travel around Japan for centuries, longing for their lost mortality. Along their journey they meet others who have become immortal. Realising … Continue reading Mermaid Saga Review