Dream Fossil: A look at life

Dream Fossil (Yume no Kaseki) Story and art by Satoshi Kon  Original Publisher: Kodansha (2011) Length: 1 Volume (15 stories) Whenever I describe Satoshi Kon’s works, I use the term cinematic, which is the closest word to articulate how my mind works when I experience his pieces. However, I don’t think these stories would work as animated pieces, yet an indescribable fluidity means my mind … Continue reading Dream Fossil: A look at life

Mermaid Saga Review

Mermaid Saga (Ningyo no Mori) Story and art by Rumiko Takahashi Originally published by Shogakukan (3 volumes, 1984) Synopsis: The story centres around Yuta and Mana, humans who have been granted eternal life by eating the flesh of a mermaid. We watch as they travel around Japan for centuries, longing for their lost mortality. Along their journey they meet others who have become immortal. Realising … Continue reading Mermaid Saga Review