Screw-Style (and the Gekiga Movement)

Story and art by Yoshiharu Tsuge Original publisher: Garo Magazine (1968) Length: One-shot  If anything, this article on Tsuge’s piece embodies feelings I’ve had over the last year, where I’ve spent a majority of time reading alternative manga, particularly relating to the “Gekiga” (“dramatic pictures”) movement. “Screw style” is a surrealist one-shot about a young … Continue reading Screw-Style (and the Gekiga Movement)

Doing Time Review

Story and art by Kazuichi Hanawa  Originally serialised in AX (1999) Length: 1 Volume (12 chapters) In early December 1994, manga artist Kazuichi Hanawa was arrested by Hokkaido police for violating the law on firearms, having been caught in the woods trying out his modified guns collection. To the surprise of his lawyers, who believed … Continue reading Doing Time Review

Train Man Review

Story by Hitori Nakano, Art by Hidenori Hara  Originally published in Shogukukan (2005) Length: 3 Volumes (27 Chapters) In early 2004, an anonymous Japanese user posted on 2channel, an online forum, recounting the extraordinary events of his day. Posting in a thread for single men to talk about their issues, he explained how he had … Continue reading Train Man Review