The Importance of Pokemon’s 7th Generation

Video Version:   The most recent Pokemon games, Ultra sun/moon have been out for a while now, and as far as remakes go they are pretty standard (in a good way). They seek to add extra content and story to their predecessors, with many graphical and technical updates. However, as I progressed further through the … Continue reading The Importance of Pokemon’s 7th Generation

Ayako Review

Ayako Story and art by Osamu Tezuka Originally published by Daitosha (1973, 2 volumes) Synopsis: Set in 1949, Ayako takes place in a Japan crushed by the Allied Powers. As a result, the nation has entered a massive societal shift, with the Agricultural reform dissolving large estates and redistributing plots to tenant farmers. For patriarch … Continue reading Ayako Review

Banya Review

Banya Story and Art by Kim Young-Oh Originally published in English by Dark Horse (2006) Synopsis: The series follows the adventures of Banya, a teenage delivery man with a reputation of providing precise and timely execution. With a worldwide war raging between humans and monsters, the young delivery men of the Gaya Desert Post Office … Continue reading Banya Review